Camping Water Filters

If you like to go camping, particularly if you like to camp off camp sites as well as on them, then you need to think about the water that you drink. Camping where there is no clean water supply that comes through the standard water system may leave you reliant on water from brooks, streams and rivers. You may need some form of camping water filters with you to make sure that the water is drinkable.


Natural water supplies may look clean and clear but they may also contain germs and bugs. You may not always be able to boil the water you want to drink or may not have time. There are a variety of different camping water filters that may be useful to use in these circumstances. They can simply make water safe to drink by filtering out the bad stuff.

Many of the camping water filters on the market work in much the same way as the water filter that you may have at home. The water passes through the filter and, on the way, is filtered to remove bits and stuff that you really don’t want to be drinking. This can be one of the most useful bits of camping kit that you take with you.

There are a few different popular camping water filters options here. Water chlorine tablets are used by many people but some prefer to use specific filters as an alternative. These can come in larger pack sizes or in small filtration units that can fit into a standard water bottle, camping canteen or flask.

Some camping water filters actually look just like a standard water bottle. The filter here will be built into the bottle. So, any water that you put into the bottle itself will be filtered and cleaned. This may be one of the easiest ways to get clean drinking water on the go as it isn’t heavy or bulky to carry about.

Camping water filters can also be designed for other uses. They don’t just have to deal with drinking water. Many campers, for example, will take a camping shower filter with them. Once again, this works on standard water filtration principles. It simply allows you to have a shower with clean water wherever you may be camping.